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Ultimate Alps, 2025 (starts in Munich)

Sunday 15 July 2025 to Sunday 26 July 2025 12 Days 4 countries Fully guided, round-trip tour

Summary: This is a fully guided, round-trip tour from Munich in Germany to the Alps Mountains.

This tour has two start and finish points, either Folkestone in the UK, or for those flying in from overseas, Munich in Germany. This is the page for starting and finishing in Munich. For the option of starting and finishing in Folkestone, please see this page.

Riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the mountains often evokes a sense of freedom, adventure, and a connection with the road. The combination of the wonderful scenery, winding roads, and the feeling of being in control of your motorcycle creates a memorable experience.

This tour includes our favourite mountain roads in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. These have been specially selected to give the most memorable riding experience. The tour includes 36 (yes, thirty-six!) stunning mountain passes.

The alpine roads start soon after we leave Munich in Germany and we see the Alps ahead of us. The great roads include Furka Pass, Grimsel, Nufenen and Susten Passes in Switzerland, Stelvio, Fluela, Umbrail and Gavia passes in Italy, as well as the best roads in the Dolomites, such as Pordoi, Gardena, Campolongo and Sella passes. It’s wonderful riding – perhaps some of the best in the world, all combined into one stunning tour!

When in the Alps, we use just three hotels, near Andermatt, in Bormio and in Canazei, meaning we spend on average 3 nights at each so you don’t have to pack your bike each day.

This tour is the daddy for experienced riders!

Please note this tour is for experienced riders only.

Tour1 is an Authorised Harley-Davidson tour operator and so our tours are intended for Harley-Davidson riders. We do allow one non-Harley-Davidson per tour, so if you wish to ride a non-Harley, please check with first before booking.

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Prices include all hotel accommodation (3 and 4 star), three evening meals. Prices exclude motorcycle rental, should you need it (see RENTALS tab at top of this page).

This tour has just about everything a long motorcycle ride needs. It is probably our most comprehensive and diverse tour which makes it the reason we have run a similar tour many times since 2014.

From the rolling hills of southern Germany to the high alpine passes in the Alps and the roads in Austria with fast sweeping bends, this tour encompasses just about every type of riding there is. One day you are admiring the scenery as you ride and the next, the road amazes you as it twists and turns over mountain terrain.

We are staying at just 3 hotels when in the Alps, thereby avoiding the need to pack your motorcycle every day. Those three base hotels in the Alps are located near Andermatt (Switzerland), in Bormio (Italy) and in Canazei (Italy). We ride out from those three hotels each day and return to them in the afternoon. We obviously use different hotels each night when getting to / from the Alps.

It takes just one days to get to Switzerland and the first of the major alpine roads. We spend 10 days riding some of the most impressive motorcycle roads riders will ever experience in the Alps.

If you want to ride wonderful and scenic roads, with someone else making all the arrangements, then riding with Tour1 is for you. We are hugely experienced tour operators having ridden all over Europe and we know where the best roads are.


Day One (Tuesday, 15 July 2025)

This is the latest day you should arrive in Munich, as the group assembles this evening.

Should you be renting a motorcycle in Munich, we suggest you collect it today.

We stay in the centre of Munich tonight and given good weather, we will visit a local beer garden tonight.

Day Two (Wednesday, 16 July 2025)

Today we head into the Alps as we head south west and the twisty roads start as we approach Mittenwald. Soon we cross the border into Austria and we ride our first named pass of the tour, Buchen Pass. We ride 5 mountain pass roads today, including The Norbertshöheclose just as we enter Switzerland in the afternoon.

The riding continues to get better as we have entered the area of the Alps with proper alpine roads. Late in the afternoon, we ride the wonderful Fluela Pass and soon pass through Davos to stay the night in a famous ski resort often frequented by royals, Klosters. By the time we get there, we will have ridden 189 miles and this will have been a great introduction to the roads of the Alps.

Day Three (Thursday, 17 July 2025)

We are in Switzerland all day today as we ride west. Today we ride another 5 mountain passes, including one of the best!

The roads are very scenic today and these start as we ride alongside the very picturesque lake called Walensee (see means lake in these parts). Klausen Pass soon follows before a real treat, as we catch a ferry boat across Lake Lurcerne and the full beauty of the area becomes very apparent with the lake nestled amongst glorious mountains.

Without a doubt though, the highlight of the day will be riding the fabulous Grimsel Pass. We will stop at the top (7,100 ft / 2165 m above sea level) and look down at the road before us. Don’t forget your camera or phone as the photos taken here are fabulous!

We will be staying in a great location for 3 nights in Obergoms to make the most of the fabulous riding in the area. The roads here are amazing and some of the best you will ever ride.

Day Four (Friday, 18 July 2025)

Today is a shorter day riding in the Alps of just 107 miles, around the loop formed by Grimsel Pass, Susten Pass (7,415 ft), and the wonderful Furka Pass (7,969 ft), the latter of which became famous for being featured in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger. We will stop somewhere in the mountains for lunch. These are stunning roads to ride a motorcycle set in amazing scenery. You will remember this day for a long time!

We are in the same hotel in Obergoms again tonight.

Day Five (Saturday, 19 July 2025)

Another loop of great roads awaits us on day 5. It is an 105 mile ride, but due to the number of photo stops, this ride will take most of the day.

Today we will ride Nufenen Pass (8,130 ft), the old road of St Gotthards Pass (Tremola) (6.909 ft) and Furka Pass once more. The Tremola road is very unusual as it is cobbled and has been northern & southern Switzerland since the 13th century. The road was cobbled to stop horses hooves slipping.

We stay a third night in Obergoms tonight.

Day Six (Sunday, 20 July 2025)

We depart our Obergoms hotel this morning and day 6 sees a change of pace as today we ride 235 miles to head east across Switzerland and into Italy. We ride more terrific mountain pass roads today.

We start by riding Operalp Pass and we pass close to the source of what becomes the mighty River Rhine. At Chur we head south to ride another amazing road, Splugen Pass. Set on the border between Switzerland and Italy, this pass has an amazing series of hairpins that rise up pasture farmland with incredible views, and often cows at the side of the road.

The pass road then becomes incredible as we ride further south into Italy, with tight twisting hairpins set of a steep road. It’s certainly an exciting ride!

Once we reach Chiavenna, our direction completely changes and we then head east. As we travel towards St Moritz we ride the twisty Maloja Pass (5,955 ft) and onto the Parc Naziunal Svizzer (Swiss Natural Park) before riding another Tour1 favourite, Umbrail Pass (8,205 ft) to get to the top of Stelvio Pass.

We then ride down the western side of the famous Stelvio Pass (9,045 ft) which is one of the highest pass roads in the Alps. We stay tonight in the ski town of Bormio in Italy. We will be there for three nights.

Day Seven (Monday, 21 July 2025)

After riding for eight days, today is a rest day, spent in Bormio. We do suspect though, that many riders will want to take advantage of riding the nearby Stelvio Pass again and taking their time to take photos from the best places to see this amazing road. It’s a relaxing day at least!

Day Eight (Tuesday, 22 July 2025)

Today sees the group riding a 69 mile loop road out from and back to Bormio. This will include an absolute Tour1 favourite, the dramatic Gavia Pass (8,599ft).  With its glacier and moon-like terrain, this is a wonderful tight narrow road, set in dramatic scenery.

Then it’s on to Foppo Pass (6,076 ft) before returning to our hotel in Bormio.

Day Nine (Wednesday, 23 July 2025)

Today we head east once more and change hotels. We ride to the marvellous Dolomite Mountains! Its great roads make this an ideal place to ride motorcycles.

To get there, we ride 150 miles across northern Italy. We start by riding both sides of Stelvio, up the easier western side and down the more challenging eastern side, before heading east towards Merano. Then we ride Palade Pass (4,960ft) and then an amazing road, Méndola Pass (4,471ft) which is cut into the side of a steep cliff.

We skirt the busy city of Bolzano before rising up into perhaps the most scenic part of the Alps, the Dolomite Mountains. These are easily recognisable due to its jagged craggy peaks. We will stop to look at Karersee, a stunningly beautiful lake with amazing colours. We stay for two nights in a hotel on Pordoi Pass with perhaps one of the best mountain views in the world.

Day Ten (Thursday, 24 July 2025)

This is an amazing days riding, as it includes 8 wonderful mountain passes!  We ride just 96 miles today, returning to our hotel in the Dolomites. But those 96 miles are perhaps the most twisty anyone has ever ridden.

We start by riding the best parts of the Sella Ring, a wonderful road that circles the Sella Massive, a huge outcrop of mountain in the Dolomites and the views are simply spectacular. This includes the following passes: Sella; Culac; Gardena; Campolongo.

Then we head east to ride Giau Pass before going to Cortina for lunch. We then head back to our hotel taking in Falzárego and Valparola Passes followed by Pordoi Pass as we near the hotel.

What a day!

Day Eleven (Friday, 25 July 2025)

Today we head north and go back to Munich.

We ride out of Italy using Brenner Pass, a fast road designed to carry vehicles quickly. As we enter Austria we divert (of course) to better and more twisty roads before arriving in Innsbruck.

We continue our journey north and enter Germany near Mittenwald. We go ride alongside a very picturesque lake with amazing turquoise blue water before riding Achen Pass, the 36th and final pass on the tour.

Then it’s back to Munich where we stay in a different hotel than previously.

Day Twelve (Saturday, 26 July 2025)

The tour officially ends after breakfast this morning. If you rented a motorcycle for the tour, we suggest that you return it this morning.

You may wish to fly home today, stay in Germany for a few days, or indeed move onto somewhere else to continue your holiday. Whichever you do, we wish you a safe onward journey!


    • Three and four star accommodation in terrific locations
    • Parking fees where applicable
    • Breakfast every day
    • 3 evening meals
    • Well researched routes to provide you with fantastic roads to ride
    • Prepaid motorway toll vignette stickers
    • Experienced tour guide to lead the tour
    • A back marker / sweep
    • Any ferries during the tour
    • Tour1 T-Shirt
    • Comprehensive tour road book
    • GPS routes for your sat nav

    What’s not included…

    • Accommodation before the tour starts, or after it ends
    • Petrol (gas) you use
    • Motorway tolls that have to be paid at booths
    • Motorway vignettes that have to be purchased by the vehicle owner
    • Other road tolls, including mountain passes (allow €50)
    • All other meals and drinks
    • Any hotel extra charges (mini bar, drinks etc charged to your room)
    • Motorcycle rental, should you need it (we can help arrange this – see the RENTALS tab at the top of this page)
    • Any other activities you take part in on non-riding days

Our group sizes normally range from 10 to 14 motorcycles.

Each day, we normally start riding at 8.30am sharp and cover in the region of 150 to 200 miles.  We try to avoid motorways wherever possible and only use these when there is no real alternative.  We take mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks and of course find somewhere for lunch.  Our plan is to normally arrive at that evening’s hotel by around 6pm.

We use good quality hotels – not super luxury and not bottom end, but mid-range – normally 3 and 4-star.

We ride at a pace to suit all of the riders.  We stick to all speed limits in towns, but in rural areas we ride at, let’s call them ‘more appropriate’ speeds.  We generally ride in staggered convoy on straighter roads.

As we have pre-booked hotels and a schedule to stick to, we ride in all weathers.  During any exceptionally inclement weather, we will pull over for short periods.  We could experience a range of different types of weather, so bring waterproofs, just in case.

We like these tours to be about having a real adventure, riding on great roads with like-minded people. For that reason, we do not use a support van, but we always have a back-marker.

Payments – we require a £400 deposit to be paid when you book a tour, with the balance to be paid in four equal payments, nine, seven, five and three months before the tour starts. If you prefer, you can pay the balance of the cost of the tour earlier than this.

*Ride Difficulty Rating

Each of our tours has a difficulty rating and this tour is rated as ‘challenging’. That means this tour is for experienced riders only, with say, a minimum of three years of riding large motorcycles.  You must have ridden on the right-hand side of the road before on many occasions and you must be comfortable with travelling in a group of riders and be able to keep a good pace within that group.  We do not ride very fast, but at the same time, it is better if riders do not go too slowly.

The route will include many twisty roads, plus many high mountain roads with many tight hairpin bends / switchbacks.  There will be some sections of road with steep drop-offs at the side and no guardrail.  If you or your pillion are at all uncomfortable at riding at height, then this tour is not for you.  If you are from the USA, please note some of the roads you will be riding are significantly narrower and have tighter bends than in the USA.  All roads are fully paved.  While there is not much motorway riding on the tour, as a guide, the group will be riding at speeds of 75mph+ on motorways.  You must be confident of riding in rain and on wet roads.

Each day’s riding will be around 9 hours, with breaks.  You must be able to ride all day.  If you are at all unsure if your riding ability is good enough for this tour, then you must contact us by telephone to discuss.

AVAILABLE 7 rooms left Distance: 2,631 miles / 4,234 kilometres Tour Leader: Steve Morrell Ride difficulty rating: Challenging (experienced riders only)*.  Please make sure you read the section called ‘Ride rating’ under the Information tab.
Highlights: Riding in the wonderful Alps - fabulous mountain passes - Stelvio Pass - Furka Pass - Grimsel Pass - the Dolomite Mountains - wonderful scenery - great riding - Black Forest - B500 - Dinant - seven countries - great hotels - wonderful roads Countries: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria Tour Start Point: Munich, Germany. Tour End Point: Munich, Germany.

Choice of start / finish points.  The tour has a choice of start / finish points. You can either ride on your own bike from Folkestone or if you are flying into Europe for the tour, we suggest you start and finish in Munich. For the option of starting and finishing in Folkestone, please see this page.

Rentals. If you will need to rent a motorcycle for this tour it is best to fly to Munich and rent from there, cutting out a few days riding from / to the UK. If you are going to start in Munich, we recommend you reserve your rental motorcycle as early as possible. See Rentals tab for more details. 

If there is one thing in life that you need to do it is to go on a Tour 1 trip with Gary. I have been on 3 of his trips and each time have experienced something so wonderful that you will remember it for the rest of your life. Peter Killian, London, UK.