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This is our team. All love what they do to bring you great motorcycle touring.....

Gary France – Director and Tour Leader

Gary France – Director and Tour Leader

Gary, who formed and runs Tour1, is an experienced international rider, who has ridden in many countries. The list currently stands at…..

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Wales.

A regular at many international Harley-Davidson events, as well as many in the UK, Gary is an active member of HOG. Gary mainly rides a Street Glide and a Road King, plus he has a passion for custom motorcycles. Use this link to see Gary’s website.

In 2010, Gary rode 21,475 miles around the USA in a single four-and-a-half month road trip. He wrote a huge book about his journey called ‘France In America’. This is available here on Gary’s personal motorcycling website.

The motorcycle press often write about Gary, his travels and motorcycles. For examples, click here.

Gary leads many, but not all of the tours.  Other tour leaders are personally hand-picked by Gary.

Charlie France – Tour Leader

Charlie France – Tour Leader

Charlie has been riding motorcycles since the age of 17 and has a passion for building, maintaining and riding many different types of bike. At the last count, he has 8 motorcycles!

Charlie balances his time between riding motorcycles and his other two-wheeled love, bicycles.

As well as riding bicycles himself, he often crews international race teams by providing team management, logistics and mechanic skills.

He is an excellent motorcycle rider, which terrific inter-personal skills and he makes an excellent tour leader. He makes long-term friends with many of the people he goes on tour with.

Charlie has attended the Road Captains course run by Harley-Davidson, along with a Biker Down course run jointly by the Fire Brigade and Ambulance service, so is well qualified for the tour leader role.

Stefano Morrelli – Tour Leader

Stefano Morrelli – Tour Leader

Stefano has been riding motorcycles since the age of 8 and has a real passion for touring and leading rides. He is very welcoming and friendly and thrives on others enjoying the tour. He currently rides an Electra Glide but, having a love of classic bikes, he also owns a 1953 Matchless which gets plenty of use.

Stefano is the organiser of the annual  ‘Ride of the Ruperts’ charity ride, which raises money for disabled children.

Outside of work everything revolves around his passion for motorcycling and travel. He is an active member of H.O.G.  He has also attended the Bike Safe course and a Biker Down course.

Stefano is a very experienced rider, has ridden across Europe several times and also parts of the USA.

Gordon Dick - Tour Leader

Gordon Dick - Tour Leader

Gordon has a true love of Harley-Davidson developed over the last 20 years after attending a Harley-Davidson Rally in Aviemore, Scotland where he recognised the love for the bikes and the fun everyone was having.  Since then Gordon’s owned several Harley’s including his 2005 15th Anniversary FatBoy and his most recent a 115th Anniversary Street Glide.

With a young family Gordon hasn’t stopped riding in fact he’s introduced his kids to the brand!  Noah now asks to go to Bike Rally’s for his summer holidays and Erin…….. Well Gordon’s worried she’s going to steal one of his bikes before she turns 5!

In case he wasn’t busy enough Gordon is also a Chapter Director & Road Captain for Red Rose Chapter & a hugely active HOG member.  To help others enjoy riding their bikes he commits time each year to train Harley-Davidson Officers from across Europe in skills including Event Organisation and Planning / Leading Rides.  In fact that’s where he first met Gary, Stefano, Charlie & Oliver!

Georgina Franklin - Office team

Georgina Franklin - Office team

Georgina started working at Tour1 in 2019 and lives close to the office. She looks after all of the behind-the-scenes work including booking all of the hotels, dealing with ferries, Eurotunnel, restaurants and trying to help towards the tours running smoothly.

You may occasionally get an email from Georgina.

When Georgina is not busy in the office she has three young children who keep her on her toes!