European Motorcycle Tours

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours
in Europe and Beyond

We have put together a series of information videos that might be useful for riders going on our tours, or indeed others riding in mainland Europe on your own trips.

We hope you find these useful.

22. Easy tips for riding with a pillion

Vanessa Ruck gives advice for riders and pillions.

21. What Route planning software and sat nav devices do we use?

Why we chose MyRoute-App and the Garmin XT2.

20. Vanessa Ruck group riding tips (in New Zealand with Tour1)

Vanessa gives her tips about group riding.

19. Taking your motorcycle on a Channel Tunnel train

Taking your motorbike on the train is really easy. This is how!

18. How to mount an Insta 360 Camera on a motorcycle

This is really easy, if you buy the Insta ‘Motorcycle Kit’.

17. Travel insurance for motorcycle riders.

Includes a list of providers of travel insurance that cover riding bigger bikes

16. Changing your H-D fob battery

Changing the battery in your H-D fob is really easy – this is how

15. New rules about travelling to the EU, post Brexit.

A quick guide about the new rules and regulations that might affect you.

14. How to charge your phone when riding

If you don’t have a USB port already built into your bike, this is the easiest and cheapest way of charging your phone when riding.

13. Packing for a motorcycle tour (3)

These are the things our tour leader will carry, so you don’t need to.

12. Packing for a motorcycle tour (2)

We run through the extra things you should consider packing for a motorcycle tour, for say a week or more in Europe.

11. Packing for a motorcycle tour (1)

We describe the minimum things you should consider packing for a motorcycle tour, for say a week or more in Europe.

10. Looking After your Lithium Battery

Why it is important not to yet the lithium battery discharge, if you use one.

9. The Elastic Band Theory

This video shows why, if the group gets split up, you do not need to ride fast to play catch-up with the riders ahead.

8. Riding in Mountains

A few things to consider when riding in mountains.

7. Unusual European Road Signs

The most unusual road signs in mainland Europe that you need to look out for.

6. Common mistakes made at European Toll Booths

Common mistakes riders make at European motorway toll booths, and how to overcome them.

5. Things you should know about your own H-D

Six things you really should know about your own Harley-Davidson before you go on a tour.

4. What to do if the group gets split up when riding

We explain what to do if you get split from the group on one of our tours.

3. The Buddy System explained

In this video we explain how the buddy system works so riders do not get lost during a group ride.

2. How to put your Harley in Transport Mode

Essential viewing for riders putting their bike on a ferry, or on a trailer.

1. Fuel stops on our tours

In this video, we explain how fuel stops work on our Harley-Davidson tours.